Super Absorbent Product Summary

Absorbents for Aqueous Based Waste

The Aquadox® Product Line consists of granular superabsorbent polymers that rapidly absorb and retain large volumes of aqueous solutions. The absorptive properties of Aquadox® Products are ideally suited for the absorption and solidification of wet Low Level Wastes, Hazardous Industrial Wastes, Wastewater Treatment Sludges, and Highly Concentrated Brines. All Aquadox® Products are approved for incineration at Duratek.

Aquadox®-HP and Aquadox® GP are our most widely used polymers for Hazardous and Low Level Waste Applications and are designed to solidify wastes within minutes under a wide range of pH, temperatures, and contaminant concentrations. It's inherent strength ensures wastes arrive at the disposal facility as dry as when it left the site.

Aquadox®-2212 is the highest performing polymer on the market for concentrated brine solutions (up to 45% NaCl by weight). This polymer provides a reduced processing time, minimal weight increase, and virtually no volume increase (1-2%) versus concrete to greatly reduce the overall cost of projects.

Aquadox® Absorbent Sheets are manufactured with the both Aquadox®-HP and Aquadox®-GP polymer and provides the same high absorptive performance but in a unique delivery system. Aquadox® Absorbent Sheets are a low volume, easy to use method for deploying a minimum 1/2 lites of absorption capacity per square foot in any size waste container. In addition, workers in the plants can visually confirm proper placement of the absorbent with little effort.

Absorbents for Oil & Solvents

Aquadox offers two absorbent products for oils and solvents. Both products exhibit very unique characteristics while providing approximately the same absorption capacity. These absorbents are well suited for low level wastes, PCBs, mixed solvents, and bulk sludges. All Aquadox® Products are approved for incineration at Duratek.

Aquadox®-2418 is a high tech, high performing blend of copolymers that absorb and permanently bind organic liquids with no leaching. It will absorb a variety of organic liquids at ratios up to 1 lb. polymer to 1 gal. liquid.

Aquadox-Exsorbet is a specially processed peat-based absorbent that absorbs organic liquids in a strictly absorption mechanisms. Aquadox-Exsorbet instantly absorbs up to 1 gal. of organic liquid per 1 lb. of absorbent (almost the same absorption capacity as Aquadox®-2418). In addition, volume increase is less than 2%. is also available in booms and pads to contain spills and control seperate phase product floating in tanks, sumps, and on lagoons.

Solidification Equipment

Aquadox designs and manufactures custom absorbent feed and blending equipment to simplify the use of our products on both wet solid and liquid wastes. Each system consists of a Blender and/or Conveying Screw Auger to efficiently mix, solidify, and deposit treated waste in the designated shipping container. Our systems are designed to reduce on site labor, processing time and maximize absorbent performance.

Water Treatment Equipment

Aquadox manufactures a wide range of water treatment equipment including ozone generators, water quality monitor/controllers, and modular treatment systems.

Our Ozone Generators are marked under the CEC brand name. The generators are modular in design, creating a compact, easily installed and maintained platform. The ozone is created through medium frequency, high efficiency corona discharge. Aquadox has designed an ozone enhancement system that dissolves nearly 100% of the ozone into the target water stream. The generators are mounted seperate to the enhancement system, ensuring only the contact chamber and associated plumbing is exposed to contamintated water. All of our Ozone Systems are available for sale or lease.

Aquadox Controllers included controllers that monitor and control pH, ORP and/or Conductivity. In addition, we manufacture Biocide Timers, Millivolt Calibrators, and a unique Dechlorination Unit. Each controller is designed to operate continuosly and unattended to ensure compliance and optimize chemical or ozone treatment.

Modular Treatment Systems are designed to treat the various wastewaters generated during decon/decommissioning activities including hydro-lazing, pressure washing, concrete cutting, rinse and mop waters, and dewatering. Simple onsite changes in settings and treatment chemistry allow these systems to handle wide ranges of flow rates and contaminant loading.

Water Treatment Chemistry

Aqua-Pretreat is a mineral based pretreatment chemistry used to absorb metals and radionuclides. It is very effective at removing Cesuim 137 and Cobalt 60.

Aqua-Klarify is an effective liquid flocculent capable of removing oils, metals, and suspended solids from contaminated wastewater. It's unique ability to enhance filterability of floc'd solids makes it a very forginig and easy to use product. It can be used as a dewatering aid for certain sludges.

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